The Dance of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy deals with hiding the truth of what you’re portraying.  Hypocrisy is aggressively condemning extramarital affairs while maintaining one yourself.  Why the hypocrisy?  Why the lie? Why claim to hate gays but be gay yourself?  Why condemn promiscuity but sleep around yourself?

Hypocrisy explains the dual longing that we all have in us.  It goes back to the good vs. evil talk.  Humans have a compulsion to explore both sides of the coin.  The Bible talks about a heaven and hell, God and the devil, Good and bad.  Our lives are made up of yin-yang matches that form a whole.  Masculinity is usually matched with its opposite, femininity.  Even in same sex couples one person usually embodies more of one trait than the other making the set balanced.

The dictionary defines hypocrisy as having the pretense of virtue. Virtues are commonly linked with religious beliefs and or lifestyle choices.  Hypocrites generally take on a persona or speak negativity about a position that they secretly indulge in.  When one condemns an act and then commits the same act they’ve just condemned, they have just committed the offense that earns them the title of hypocrite.  Having the audacity to pretend that you’re against the very thing that you indulge in is the confusing part of hypocrisy.  The lie laced into hypocrisy is what causes the outrage.



So why lie?  Why pretend that you hate something that you secretly love?  In high school, I tried for awhile to be a hypocrite.  I joined a tough girl group that worshiped street life and thuggish behavior.  The group leader, Rhonda, hated black kids who acted smart.  Doing homework and getting good grades was Rhonda’s pet peeve.

“Look at that nerd.”  She would say about a young black girl sitting at an opposite lunch table reading a book.

“Yeah…” I would agree with Rhonda pretending to be more appalled than she was.  “Only nerds read boring books.”

Then I would go home and read books and find myself enjoying them.  I would sit behind the closed door of my bedroom and indulge in literature, introductory psychological theories, and scientific investigation.  I had a hunger to learn but at school in front of my friends I had to pretend like I didn’t.


I realize that I was on the wrong side of the typical hypocrite creed.  I pretended not to have virtues and common sense while most hypocrites pretend that they do have virtues and common sense.   I hid my secret passion for books and learning because I wanted desperately to fit in.  Rhonda would have called me a stupid dreamer if she saw me taking an interest in literature and learning.  Black kids living in poverty had no business trying to indulgence in stuff like education.  My experience taught me that trying to “fit in” is the starting point of hypocrisy.


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