the triple tragedy of black girl world

Some of us are privileged and ripe with opportunity; the Condoleezza Rice’s and Oprah’s of Black Girl World (BGW).  In her book Extraordinary, Ordinary People, Ms. Rice pays tribute to her upstanding parents who managed to raise her right providing an almost perfect amount of structure, guidance, and motivation for success.  Ms. Rice is no doubt blessed to have had a strong support system.

And with all of this sustenance Ms. Rice was still subject to an undercurrent of inferiority because of the tint of her skin.  If the privileged black girl still holds an inclination towards inferiority, what then does the poverty stricken black girl hold?  Surly her plight is much harder.  She doesn’t have the hope of opportunity to cling to.  The poor girl looked at her surroundings and by age five, realizes that she, like her mother, will end up on welfare.  She will sleep with men looking for love and attention. She is doomed.


I was this girl. And there was always the slightest serum of hope floating in my tummy.  I believe that a lot of poor girls have this inside of them too.  They realize that there is a way out.  It takes some time but soon the realization that you are not stuck tightens your bones…and you overcome.



One thought on “the triple tragedy of black girl world

  1. The thing that can hold you back the most in this world, more than skin color or the amount of money you have is your mindset. If you believe that you can’t make anything for yourself, you simply won’t. At the same time, your mindset can be what sets you free and get you out of the worst poverty or negative inclinations from others. Yes, your environment can help influence what you feel about yourself, but ultimately, your biggest strength or your biggest weakness comes from what you feel you can do.

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