lure of the vampire

Twilight’s Edward Cullen isn’t the only handsome charming vampire.  There are millions of them.  The type of vampire I speak of doesn’t suck blood or live forever.



Although these warm blooded creatures don’t feed on blood, they do however hunt humans and charm them accordingly.  These vamps are suave characters that dress well and put their asymmetrical faces to good use.  The appeal of a glistening bicep, shapely legs, and doughy eyes hypnotize the prey making these creatures irresistible.


These anthropomorphic vamps have a hankering for the jolt that human emotion supplies to the ego. We walk around forming, breaking, and enjoying relationships all the while feeding off each other’s energy.  Vampires suck the joy out of the joyful and the peace out of the peaceful. Vampirism perhaps explains our human inclination towards good and evil. Darkness and light. Black and white. Pure and soiled.

Let us be aware of the vampires among us.  Let us resist their charms and cultivate healthy relationships that don’t suck the positivity out of our bodies.


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