Top ten things that I don’t understand



10.       The money obsession.  Yes, we all need it to live but killing for it? Too much. Money is very much the God of America.

9.         Sleeping with a married person. When you’re not together, don’t you wonder what your lover is doing with their spouse?

8.         Why people match first and last names. Seriously, why would a William Williamson exist?

7.         Why 90% of all rap and hip-hop songs are about strippers.  I guess if you want to date a rapper you have to be a stripper.

6.         Why people like to be scared.  Haunted house? No way. A gargantuan roller coaster? Absolutely not. I rather not feel like I’m about to die.

5.         Why healthcare is so expensive. I can’t help it that I get sick or have an accident – these are inevitable occurrences. The healthcare industry should be all about saving lives, not stealing money from the population.

4.         Why don’t missing black women get the same media exposure as missing white women? Are black women never missing?  I think there are some, we just don’t know about them.

3.         Voluntary prostitution (is this a thing?)  I can’t even imagine collecting a fee for the use of my body. I guess this life is not for everyone.

2.         Binge drinking.  Enough said. Beer is tastes like well water.

1.         Clubbing. I do not get the appeal of standing in the darkness with a hundred other people not being able to see or hear anything.  Although I don’t understand how gyrating in a room filled with body heat is pleasurable, I guess I can see the excitement in it. Okay I admit it…I’m just a nerd.